How to Integrate SEO With Marketing, Lead Generation and PR

The times if SEO was alone about keywords, ranking, ample and bond accept gone.

Many innovations accept been alien in the endure few years, like Semantic Search, User Intent, Accelerated Mobile Pages, A.I., User Experience, Structured Data, and these are continuously creating areas area SEO overlaps with PPC, amusing media, acceptable marketing, PR and agreeable marketing. As a result, it has become about absurd to backpack out SEO as a standalone activity: a synergy has become all-important to capitalise on all opportunities and clothier your business efforts.

So, how can you accommodate SEO with Marketing, Amusing media and PR to accomplish the best afterimage and promotional impact?

Let’s say you are about to barrage a new artefact targeting B2B prospects; you wish to advance it and actualize a committed page on your website.

First get your SEO aggregation to do the keyword seek for that product.

Your business aggregation will, then, advance archetype for the new artefact page about the key seek terms; a blog column will be created highlighting the new artefact with all advice including barrage date and links to the new artefact page. A mail attempt will be beatific to all audience and newsletter subscribers.

Your SEO aggregation will optimise the new page and the blog column including on-page SEO and structured data, area applicative (local business, event, product). The SEO aggregation will ask your webmaster to add the new artefact page to your website’s XML sitemap.

A video will be created highlighting the accessible product; it will be uploaded on your YouTube approach and the SEO aggregation will optimise it.

The amusing aggregation will add the accident to the Amusing Calendar and alpha a attack to advance it.

The PR aggregation creates a columnist absolution absolute the keywords and links to the artefact page and distributes it to the above PR companies.

The PPC aggregation launches a attack to ambition client personas with ad-hoc promotions.

The SEO and PR teams ability out to influencers and bloggers to acquaint them of the barrage of the new product.

Your Lead Generation aggregation will chase up and alarm all affairs who visited your website advancing through all your tracked channels (e-mails, amusing media, PPC… ) and to align a affirmation of the new product.

As all these efforts progress, the SEO, amusing aggregation and e-mail business clue landing page visits, amusing signals, cast mentions and entering links to the artefact page. They canyon all this advice to the Lead Generation team.

All teams accommodated on a approved base to adviser advance and acknowledge by channel.

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